We are passionately committed to dairy; we only focus on milk and dairy production.

To fulfill our mission, we consciously chose to focus on a single field. 

We dedicate our energy, attention, knowledge and resources to dairy only. Instead of operating in many sectors at the same time, we only seek to be "excellent" in dairy sector. This way, we lean our business better every day, we work more efficiently and we fulfill the needs of people in a better way. 


Through our "From Farm to Table"Business Model we manage and audit all the process from the grass that the cows eat to the dairy products that reach the tables. Our operations are not limited to milk and dairy production. Our unique model covers to the full extent, feed production that enhances the quality of milk that we use as raw material, dairy farmer trainings, and energy production from product waste in our biogas plants. As a result of this model, Sütaş operates in an integrated structure consisting of feed plants, dairy cattle breeding farms, dairy plants, education centers and application farms, recycling facilities.


Thousands of years ago, Anatolian civilizations from Mesopotamia to Bursa, have sought ways to protect the nutritional values of milk and to benefit more and for a longer time from it. They managed to transform milk into yogurt, cheese and butter without damaging its true nature. Throughout the years, they became the masters of natural taste.  

Our guide at Sütaş, is this Anatolian art of milk. We consider our responsibility to produce natural tastes based on this art, and to ensure that next generations will grow up with these natural tastes.

Dairy business requires both craftsmanship and expertise.

Producing naturally tasty dairy products is a mastery, however delivering these natural products to millions of tables in a healthy and fresh manner, requires expertise. At Sütaş, we use international quality management standards at every stage, from procurement to production, from packaging to delivery to ensure the food safety of our products. We monitor each and every stage in the production both in real-time and retrospectively.

Expertise in milk is the competency to produce new dairy products pleasing the palate of young generations and suitable to the conditions of modern life. From the day we started onward, we bring novelty to the milk and dairy products sector. Sütaş history has many firsts. Packaged ayran, churned butter, baby yogurt, tubed fruit yogurt for children, UF white cheese and many other products were introduced in Turkey first by Sütaş.  

One of our most important mission is to offer new flavors so that people can benefit more from dairy products.


Corporate Governance Principles form the basis for our values and priority setting, our processes and procedures, the powers and responsibilities of managers and the rights of our stakeholders.

We stand by the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility, we cooperate with regulating and auditing bodies to integrate our Corporate Governance Principles to our business conduct.