From 1975 onward, Sütaş has been operating with a focus on milk and dairy products only. Today, the company processes 900 million liters of milk per year in its four production facilities located in Turkey, Macedonia and Romania and offers 78 different products to its consumers. 8 of every 10 households in Turkey has at least one Sütaş package. Sütaş employs 5000 people with 3.8 billion TL revenue.

Sütaş, through its "From Farm to Table" Business Model manages and audits all the process from the grass that the cows eat to the dairy products that reach the tables. As a result of this model, Sütaş operates in an integrated structure consisting of feed plants, dairy cattle breeding farms, dairy plants, education centers and application farms, waste water treatment and biogas production facilities. According to its regional export strategy, In 2019, Sütaş exported 16.5 million USD to 29 countries, including the U.S., Japan, UAE, Qatar, Libya, Iraq, Kuwait and Egypt.



In order to provide natural and delicious dairy products that improve people’s quality of life and bring them health and happiness, we manage and develop the dairy value chain -Farm to Table- and the resources entrusted to us in the most efficient way, with the passion of spreading the goodness and abundance of milk.



To become the most loved brand, the most trusted corporation and the leading company in dairy sector.



Respect : We have respect for humans, society and nature.

Responsibility: We act in a fair and transparent manner and we are accountable for our actions, we own up to our responsibilities.

Excellence: We always improve ourselves and seek excellence to become the masters of our business.

Passion: We passionately commit ourselves to the goodness and abundance of milk and to dairy.



• We care for the happiness and development of our employees. 

• We aim to reach consensus in all our decisions and find the right answer, together. 

• We conduct our business under the guidance of science and technology, constantly questioning and learning. 

• We perceive our work as our social responsibility and we improve with our stakeholders. 

• We believe creativity and innovation are the backbones of our mission and the guarantee of sustainability.  

• We use natural resources efficiently and effectively, with active recycling and repurposing mechanisms. 

• We continuously improve our corporate structure in line with our corporate principles. 

• We are committed to ethical principles.