We Look for Good People who Share Our Passion!

At Sütaş, we believe in the good in humans and in the nature of milk, and look for "good people" who will share our passion to spread the goodness and abundance of milk, and wish to see them as our co-workers.

We deeply love, commit to, and respect our job. Since the day we were established, we always aimed to do the best, and whatever we earn from milk, we invest back to milk.

We actually see our "job", more as a social responsibility. Our greatest responsibility is to deliver the natural and tasty dairy products that give them health and happiness, that increase their quality of life, to people of all ages. Each of us undertake an important role to make sure the society leads "a good and healthy life". This awareness is our greatest motivation.

We work with very valuable professionals, and more importantly, with very "good people" in our working environment. We support and help each other, and believe in the power of the shared mind.

We would like to add creative, innovative, passionate friends who can work internationally and who love team work to the ever-expanding Sütaş Family.

We are thrilled to meet future Sütaş Family members who adopt our mission, share our vision, and match our values with their own values.