Ayran in a Cup - 175 ml
Ayran in a Cup - 200 ml
Ayran in a Cup - 225 ml
Bottled Ayran - 250 ml
Ayran in a Cup - 300 ml
Glass Bottled Ayran - 300 ml
Practical Bottle Ayran - 1 l
Practical Bottle Ayran - 1,5 lt
Practical Bottle Ayran - 2 l
Ayran in a Cup - 10x170 ml
Bottled Ayran - 4x250 ml


Useful Facts

Being yourself is the most natural, shake Sütaş Ayran.
Turkey’s leading brand Sütaş Ayran, stands out with its unique texture and flavour. The sense of relief and renewal it creates, makes you feel much better in the dynamic, active and fun world of soft drinks. Whether at home or away, with meal or snacks, you can drink Sütaş Ayran safely anywhere and anytime. It is very healthy and also very fun/exciting.

"Natural taste from farm to table"