Baby and Child Products

Hüptrik Strawberry - 3x50 g
Hüptrik Strawberry - 5x30 g
Hüptrik Strawberry - 22 g
Hüptrik Strawberry - 45 g
Babymix Plain - 4x100 g
Minimix Strawberry Flavored - 2 x 90 g
Minimix Forest Fruits Flavored - 2 x 90 g
Büyümix Banana - 6x45 g
Büyümix Strawberry - 6x45 g
Büyümix Forest Fruits - 6x45 g
Büyümix Milk Biscuit - 6x45 g
Büyümix Banana - 40 g
Büyümix Strawberry - 40 g
Büyümix Forest Fruits - 40 g
Büyümix Milk Biscuit - 40 g
Strawberry Milk - 200 ml
Chocolate Milk - 200 ml
Banana Milk - 200 ml
Strawberry Milk - 6x180 ml
Chocolate Milk - 6x180 ml
Banana Milk - 6x180 ml

Baby and Child Products

Useful Facts

Supporting the health of future generations
Milk and dairy products are indispensable sources of nutrition for the healthy development of children. They are especially important to provide for the increasing calcium requirements of the body in growing children. They help the formation of strong bones and teeth, healthy muscles and tissues. They provide our children with protein and various vitamins. Sütaş delivers the necessary support to the health of future generations starting from today, with products specially designed for babies and children.

"Natural taste from farm to table"