Fitness and Health Products

Yovita Plain - 4x100 g
Yovita Dried Plum - Cereals - 4x100 g
Yovita Dried Apricot - Flaxseed - 4x100 g
Light Yogurt - 4x125 g
Light Yogurt - 200 g
Light Yogurt - 650 g
Light Ayran - 250 ml
Light White Cheese - 700 g
Light Triangle Processed Cheese - 8x12.5 g
Light Kashkaval - 500 g
Light Milk - 200 ml
Light Milk - 500 ml
Light Milk - 1 l

Fitness and Health Products

Useful Facts

For those who want to stay healthy and fit without giving up taste
You don't have to give up taste to be healthy and fit. You can safely consume Sütaş dairy products promoting health and fitness and enjoy a healthy and fit life. Don't forget, what you eat shapes your health and your body.


"41 yıldır Sütaşkıyla çiftlikten sofraya doğal lezzet."