Glass Bottle Pasteurized Milk - 500 ml
Glass Bottle Pasteurized Milk - 1 l
Practical Bottle Pasteurized Milk - 1 l
Practical Bottle Pasteurized Milk - 2 l
Whole Milk - 200 ml
Whole Milk - 500 ml
Whole Milk - 1 l
Whole Milk - 6x200 ml
Whole Milk - 4x1 l
Semi Skimmed - 1 l
Semi Skimmed - 4x1 l
Light Milk - 200 ml
Light Milk - 1 l
Strawberry Milk - 200 ml
Chocolate Milk - 200 ml
Banana Milk - 200 ml
Strawberry Milk - 6x180 ml
No Added Sugar Chocolate Milk - 180 ml
No Added Sugar Strawberry Milk - 180 ml
Banana Milk - 6x180 ml
Lactose Free Milk - 200 ml
Lactose Free Milk - 1 l


Useful Facts

Life begins with milk, and its miracle lasts a lifetime!
Milk has the highest nutrition value among known foods, and it is an important source of calcium and proteins. Proteins are especially important for the mental and physical development of growing children, and for cell renewal and repair. Another feature of milk, that makes it unique in terms of nutrition, is the calcium it contains. Calcium is a mineral with important functions for the development of our bones and teeth, the proper functioning of the muscles, and the nervous system. Milk that is collected from Sütaş farms twice a day, every day, is delivered to our plants under hygienic and cooling conditions in special vehicles, at +4°C and in the shortest possible time. We use high technology to deliver our products to our consumers keeping the original naturalness and freshness.

"Natural taste from farm to table"